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Versele-Laga Wild Bird Feed

Versele-Laga Wild Bird Feed


All year-round food for feeding wild birds in every season




Versele-Laga Wild Bird Feed is a specially composed mixture of seed and grain, aimed at feeding wild birds the whole year round.

As all-year-round feeding is commonplace in Great Britain, research has shown that an all-seasons bird food can only help the animals, rather than harming them. It is becoming increasing difficult for birds to find food in the wild due to the effects of man. This is the case particularly around towns, where shrubbery, hedgerows and small woods etc. are increasingly disappearing to make way for new building developments. Thus, wild birds in a lot of areas are unable to find as much food as in previous years.

In order to provide for this large bird population in a fairly food-barren region, it is important to leave bird food out all year round, rather than just in winter. With Versele-Laga Wild Bird Feed you can offer them nutritional provision all year and help to maintain the wild bird population.
The moderate fat content in this wild bird food Terrance Mix makes it suitable feed for wild birds all year round*.

* We recommend you to break-up the larger ingredients (such as peanuts) during the nesting season, to aid the baby birds in digestions

Grain, Seeds

Analytical constituents

protein 11.0 %
fat 9.0 %
fibre 6.0 %
ash 2.5 %


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