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Strength No 1 (Including Digestive Herbs)

SuperSkratch is a popular product as horse owners want the best product to help them with their horse’s difficult skin worries. It is Global Herbs strongest formula because it combines the full action of SkratchPlus 500g with a further 500g of digestive support. Normal digestive function is more than often of prime importance when itching is of concern.

SuperSkratch is useful in summer and winter as digestive support is useful at any time of year. In winter concerns over grain in the feed may be important. In summer, digestive support will make this product even more useful.

Other Global Herbs formulae useful for itching can be used together with SkratchPlus: Black Salt, Cold-pressed flax oil. SuperCalm can be useful if there are agitation and stress itself can make itching worse.


  1. No.1 Strength formula.
  2. Highest impact in the Skratch range
  3. Super digestive aid


Tumeric, the Cedar tree, Guduchi vine, Winter cherry, Common basil

-Did you know?
Recent information has shown how the importance of the digestive system is to the impact on your horse’s skin.  This is why Stephen Ashdown, Global Herb’s vet, has adapted the Skratch formula to include improved herbs that will aid normal digestion.  With this we have also re-worded the way we have described our products, so to be absolutely clear… SuperSkratch is the most powerful member of the Skratch range of products.

Supplied Size: 1Kg