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Show Sheepskin Products

Show Sheepskin Products




Our show sheepskin boots are made with the same genuine sheepskin and suede as our paddock range however they come with the added luxury of suede-covered Velcro.

Designed to look stylish while protecting your horses’ legs when travelling to competitions, they also securely fastened around the leg with sandwich Velcro to ensure they won’t come off. You can also add horse binding or embroidery for that finishing touch.

Product specifications:

  • Genuine sheepskin backing covered with suede
  • Suede-covered sandwich Velcro fastening – two straps front leg
  • Suede-covered sandwich Velcro fastening – three straps hind leg
  • Sizes: Small Pony, Pony, Galloway, Hack, Large Hack

Available as a pair or set of four.

  • $55.00 pair

  • $110.00 set of four

  • Horse binding $10 extra

  • Embroidery – price based on artwork so please phone for a quote.

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Example colours pictured include:

  • Royal sheepskin/sky blue suede/royal suede-covered velcro
  • Black sheepskin/navy suede/ sky blue suede covered velcro/navy horse binding


Black, Brown, Burgundy, Red, Royal Blue, Bottle Green, Aqua, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Orange, Navy, Salmon Pink, Teal, White, Cocoa, Beige, Violet, Light Blue, Olive, White.


Cream, Black, Grey, Caramel, Seal, Pale Pink, Green, Yellow, Brown, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Navy, Royal, Red, Purple.


Also available in a wide range of colours


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