This valuable seed mix provides a well-balanced diet complete with all essential vitamins. This bird food is the best way to ensure strong feathers, vibrant natural colours, and a long, healthy life. VAM and fruit seeds provide the essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals and Florastimul® for optimal condition and intestinal function, chia seeds for extra omega 3 fatty acids and oyster shells for good stomach muscle function and the right calcium-phosphorous balance.

When you buy Prestige Premium bird food, you support the Loro-Parque Fundación in its protection and maintenance of all bird species.

Canary White millet, millet, Vam grain, Japanese millet, Vam grain biscuit, oats, Senegal millet, Chia, oyster shells, red millet.

Additives per kg
Vitamin A 8800IU, vitamin D3 1600IU, vitamin E 20mg, E1 (iron) 20mg, E2 (iodine) 1.5mg, E4 (copper) 7mg, E5 (manganese) 48mg, E6 (zinc) 45mg, E8 (selenium) 0.15mg, antioxidants, colouring.

Analytical constituents

protein 15.0 %
fibre 6.0 %
ash 6.5 %
calcium 0.9 %
phosphorus 0.4 %
lysine 0.35 %
methionine 0.35 %
oils and fats 6.0 %

Feeding guidelines:
Complete feed for budgies. Feed as much as your pet wants. Provide fresh drinking water daily.