Skratch Syrup (1Ltr) – Global Herbs

Skratch Syrup can be used as an introduction to our range of Global Herbs Skratch products. It is effective but a stronger product such as Global Herbs SkratchPlus or Global Herbs SuperSkratch is needed at peak season.

This can be used with midge avoidance practices and the use of sprays and other supplements. Global Herbs SuperCalm can be useful if there are agitation and stress itself can make itching worse.

Used primarily in spring and summer when midges abound, this popular liquid is ideal for hoses that need a gentle and yet soothing product. It is highly palatable and provides for good general support.

Skratch Syrup is more palatable than Global Herbs FlyFree. It will provide some help for flies but generally, if there is a fly problem, FlyFree will be needed.


  1. Extra gentle action
  2. Soothing support

Tumeric, a Cedar tree, Long pepper

Supplied Size: 1Ltr