Order Five Star Respirator Boost 500ml – NAF

Five Star Respirator Boost (500ml) – NAF

When speed counts, powerful Respirator Boost provides the ultimate blend of nutrients to support respiratory immunity and clear the way for optimum lung function.

When to feed:

Feed Respirator Boost when lungs are first compromised and as the ideal support to breeze through competitions.

Feeding Instructions:

Weight ml per day
Horses & Ponies 60


Respirator Boost is fed daily for an initial two week period. After which Respirator may be used for daily maintenance.


Water, Products of tubers and roots, Products of aromatic and appetising herbs, MSM, Vitamin C, Dextrose.

Nutritional analysis:

Protein 5.6%
Fibre < 1%
Ash < 1%
Oil < 1%
Moisture 79.4%

Supplied size:  500ml

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