Description- Tetra CompleteSubstrate

  • Introduce fat, lush greenery into your aquarium: Tetra CompleteSubstrate encourages healthy plant growth and reduces water contamination with its high-quality iron deposits and healthy micro-nutrients. The optimized quartz sand mixture aids water circulation and arrests algae growth.

Aquatic plants can optimally absorb the essential nutrients from the added substrate and quickly put down their roots into this mixture.
Take some of the burdens off of your aquarium with Tetra CompleteSubstrate: for a healthy environment and a fascinating look in your home.

Tetra CompleteSubstrate at a glance:

  1. Substrate concentrate on effective long-term fertilization
  2. Ideal for setting up a new freshwater aquarium
  3. Impressive, healthy plant growth: with strong roots and reduced water contamination – for a natural-like environment
  4. High quality, natural quartz sand mixture:
    • Improved composition with important micro-nutrients
    • Iron content for healthy, green growth
    • Natural, black peat with a high humic content for a balanced soil climate
  5. Optimal grain size: the grain size of the sand enables plants to take root quickly and make optimum use of the nutrients
  6. Guaranteed without added nitrates and phosphates
  7. Ready-made
  8. Contents: 5kg, ideal for 120 litre aquariums