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Buy Pet Hutch Trixie Natura Luxury

Buy Pet Hutch Trixie Natura Luxury

$350.00 $280.00

Exclusive, spacious pitch roof hutch with run.
With loft for storage or additional insulation, especially robust wire fencing, effortless assembly


Description: Buy Pet Hutch Trixie Natura Luxury

The Pet Hutch Trixie Natura Luxury is a true luxury home for your small pets. Its large size allows you to house several pets together. The sleeping house provides your pet with a place to get away from the cold outside. Your pet can spend the rest of its time in the large hutch, which it gets to via a ramp. The sleeping house has a sliding door, which can be shut to either protect your pet from the cold or to trap it inside. The closing door on the front of the hutch offers an easy entrance into this area. The plastic pull-out floor makes cleaning the hutch much easier.
Your pet can enter the covered run through a large door with a bolt lock and a small mesh door beneath the sleeping house. The run is well protected from drafts by the back and side wooden walls.
The entire house is treated with a special wood glaze and the roof is covered with roofing felt, making the hutch weather-proof.

Narrow bar spacing (2 cm) makes it especially suitable for young animals.

Pet Hutch Trixie Natura Luxury grande at a glance:

  • External measurements: 194 x 152 x 80 cm (L x W x H)
  • Internal measurements: 169 x 137 cm (W x H) (incl. roof) / 101 (excl. roof) x 61 cm (W x H)
  • removable sleep house, size: 65 x 66 cm, door: 29.5 x 49 cm (L x H)
  • The plastic-coated pull-out floor that can be pulled out
  • Includes lockable sliding door inside the hutch
  • Robust metal run
  • Bar spacing: 2 cm, also suitable for young animals
  • Run door size: with bolt lock: 44 x 94 cm (L x H), mesh door: 47 x 38 cm (L x H)
  • Wooden cladding at the back and side to protect from wind
  • Roof covered with tar paper
  • The storage area in the roof for extra insulation or for storing extras
  • Premium treated timber
  • Weather- and winter-proof

For additional information regarding advised care, safety and liability, please read the attached “Hutch and Runs Information”.

*Note: Since this product includes several packages, they may arrive on separate days

Hutch and Runs information


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