Description – JBL Grana-Discus Granules

Buy JBL Grana-Discus Granules GRANA – Discus is a semi-buoyant staple feed rich in nutrients, suitable for discus and other fastidious ornamental fish, for example, small tropical perch, scalar are and others. The granulate sinks in the water at differing rates so that fish in varying zones of water can be fed according to their needs.

A specially balanced combination of ingredients meets the specific nutritional requirements of this group of fish, including protein as a nutrient, fats, and carbohydrates as a source of energy, and minerals and roughage for excellent growth. Valuable carotenoids as well as vital vitamins enhance natural coloring and promote health.

Fish and fish by-products, grains, meat, and animal by-products.
Colored with EC-approved additives, contains E306 antioxidant (nat. vit. E extracts).

Analytical constituents

protein 46.0 %
fat 6.0 %
fiber 1.8 %
ash 9.5 %