Description: JBL Algol

JBL Algol is a fast and efficient solution to algae problems in your aquarium. It controls the algae without affecting the aquatic plants.

JBL Algol at a glance:

  • A fast and effective way to combat green, brown, floating, spotted and hair algae without using copper
  • The effects will be apparent after a couple of days but the plants will not suffer any damage
  • Does not cloud the water
  • Convenient and simple to use
  • Harmless to fish
  • Does not contain heavy metals

Shake the contents for 1 minute before using. Pour the required amount of Algol into an area that has good water movement (e.g. filter outlet).

Dosage: 1 screw cap (outer) (2.5ml) per 10 liters of water.
1 screw cap (inner) (7.5ml) per 30 liters of water.

The treatment can be repeated after 2 weeks using only half the dose.

If the treatment is repeated too frequently it can harm sensitive plants. During treatment make sure that there is a good supply of oxygen and adequate water movement. Do not filter through a carbon filter. !
JBL Algol can have a negative effect on freshwater shrimp and snails and similar sensitive aquatic animals.

Please note:
Use biocides safely. Always read labels and product information before use.
Keep away from children and pets.