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Buy Dennerle S7 VitaMix

Buy Dennerle S7 VitaMix


The multitalented adds vitamins and trace elements to aquarium water for strong, colourful aquarium plants and healthy fish




In nature vitamins, plant enzymes and other active organic substances are produced constantly, with the help of natural sunlight. These vital substances improve the health of fish and enhance their splendid colourings, while at the same time promoting the growth of aquarium plants.

An aquarium has no natural sources of vitamins. Any vitamins that are present remain stable for only a short time or are used up very quickly. This makes it all the more important to supplement these vital substances on a regular basis.

S7 VitaMix is a special multi-vitamin concentrate that provides fish, plants and filter micro-organisms with all those important vitamins, trace elements and other vital substances that need to be topped up frequently. The micro-organisms are generally not found in tap water and therefore also need to frequently add into the aquarium water.
Dennerle S7 VitaMix at a glance:

  • Essential micro-nutrients for plants, fish and filter micro-organisms
  • With boron, iron and manganese
  • Quickly adds in consumed nutrients and building materials
  • For healthy plant growth, green leaves and intensively bright colours
  • Boosts health and fish colour
  • Provides filter micro-organisms and improves filter performance
  • Easy to portion out


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