Order Airway Plus Liquid (5Ltr) by Global Herbs

Instant Action

When your horse is not breathing quite right it is often difficult to know exactly why and the situation can sometimes drag on and on for months. If you want to get the best possible action in the quickest time possible and cover all the areas that might be of concern then try Global Herbs AirwayPlus liquid.

AirwayPlus Liquid helps keep the airways open while at the same time helping to support the right balance of microorganisms in the throat and chest. It is ideal to use as a food supplement to support the work of your vet if he or she sees fit. In some situations, you can combine AirwayPlus Liquid with Weez but normally it is effective enough to use on its own.

  • When breathing issues are going round a yard, use with Global Herbs ImmuPlus.


  1. For Instant action at any time
  2. To help keep airways open and clear on an ongoing basis
  3. For extra soothing action with uncomfortable throats and windpipes
  4. To provide nutritional support for the work of your vet

Malabar nut, Turkey berry, Tasmanian blue gum, Cedar tree

Supplied Size: 5Ltr