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Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine k/d Kidney Care

Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine k/d Kidney Care


Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine k/d Kidney Care provides clinically proven nutrition especially formulated for dogs with heart and kidney disease.




Kidney disease is a painful progressive illness.
Pain and suffering can be increased by the wrong diet.
Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine k/d Kidney Care dog food was developed to support dogs with kidney disease. It is a special diet designed to help increase your dog’s life expectancy and improve his quality of life.

Vet Food Disclaimer
Attributes of Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine k/d Kidney Care dog food:

  • Increases quality of life of dogs with kidney disease
  • Helps to neutralise free radicals as it contains high level of antioxidants
  • Clinically proven to help dogs with chronic kidney failure show fewer signs of disease

Not suitable for:

  • cats
  • puppies
  • pregnant or nursing bitches

Ground rice, animal fat, ground maize, dried whole egg, maize gluten meal, digest, flaxseed, fish oil, dried beet pulp, calcium carbonate, cellulose, potassium citrate, potassium chloride, calcium sulphate, L-lysine hydrochloride, salt, magnesium oxide, taurine, L-threonine, L-tryptophan, vitamins and trace elements. Contains EU approved antioxidant.

Vitamin A (15 500 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (730 IU/kg), vitamin E (600 mg/kg), vitamin C (70 mg/kg), beta-carotene (1.5 mg/kg).

Analytical Constituents

protein 13.4 %
fat 17.6 %
ash 1.1 %
carbohydrates 56.3 %
calcium 0.65 %
phosphorus 0.22 %
magnesium 0.12 %
beta-carotene 1.5 mg/kg
moisture 7.5 %
potassium 0.58 %
sodium 0.19 %
omega-3 fats 1.22 %
omega-6 fats 2.49 %
taurine 0.1 %
vitamin A 15500.0 IU
vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 70.0 mg/kg
vitamin D3 730.0 IU
vitamin E (tocopherol) 600.0 mg/kg
calories that can be burned 393.0 kcal/100 g

Feeding recommendation per animal in g/day
For adult dogs: These ranges are a starting point only because animals’ needs vary. Adjust the feeding amount to maintain optimal body weight.
If in doubt, or if feeding Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine k/d Kidney Care to a puppy or junior dog, consult your vet.
Always provide fresh drinking water.
With your vet’s approval, mix increasing amounts of your pet’s new food with decreasing amounts of the old food over a 7-day period.
Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine k/d is a complete and balanced food that provides all the nutrition dogs need. Supplements are not necessary and can reduce the effectiveness of Hill’s food.

Adult dogs:

Dog’s weight Daily amount in g
2.5kg 50-65g
5kg 80-110g
10kg 135-185g
20kg 225-310g
30kg 305-425g
40kg 380-525g
50kg 450-620g


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