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Parrot Breeding

Buy parrots and parrots Eggs – Parrot Breeding

Use common sense and think before you buy. Parrots require quite a bit of time, attention, and care. You should carefully consider the ramifications of getting a bird before you bring one home. Never impulse buy a bird. These pets require more care and attention than a cat or dog.  They require a much more complex diet of fresh foods and they require more supervision. You’ll have a cage to clean, water to clean sometimes three times a day (if the bird is messy), and you’ll have to invest in toys since they are very intelligent and require outside stimulation to prevent neurotic behaviors like feather plucking and self-mutilation. Truly distressed birds will gouge themselves and even sometimes bleed to death.

Ask yourself this question:

Can I commit myself  to this bird for the next 20 to 60 years?

Remember, most parrots live a very long life if treated properly and fed a healthy diet. Check out the average life span for the species you are considering and make sure you have what it takes to commit to the creature for that long. There are way too many abandoned birds, cage-bound birds, and birds that pass from owner to owner year after year. The commitment is not just one of physical care, it is a strong emotional commitment. You will become this bird’s flock.

Take the following test to determine if you are truly prepared to add a parrot to your life!